Cataya 3000 Special with land wheel drive

Reliable drive technology
The mechanical land wheel runs on the right hand of the seed drill in the driving direction. The driver can therefore easily see the land wheel and can reverse completely into a corner of the field to sow accurately. The large drive wheel ensures an even, uninterrupted drive to the metering.

If the drive to the metering needs to be deactivated, it is possible to lift up the machine and the land wheel with a hydraulic top link. This is used, for example, on a headland where only the soil tillage operation is needed.

The land wheel of the Cataya Special is positioned on the rear for road transport. The transport width of the Cataya 3000 Special therefore remains at 3 m. The AmaLog+ in-cab terminal is used for control and monitoring. It stops and monitors the tramline control, shows the working position of the track markers and also has a hectare meter. It also uses the fill level sensor to monitor the fill level in the seed hopper. AMAZONE offers the Cataya Special with mechanical drive and, as an alternative, also completely without electronics.

The seed hopper

The Cataya 3000 is equipped with a 650 l seed hopper. The hopper capacity can be extended to 850 l in total by using a 200 l extension. The large lid opening (2.55 x 0.54 m) allows for easy filling of the Cataya Special with a big bag or small sacks. The sturdy hopper lid is used as an anti-spill aid, so that the machine can also be filled by using a front loader bucket.

Convenience with the Precis metering system
The Precis metering system ensures high operating comfort levels and short set-up times. The Precis metering system includes shutter slides that have detents in two positions so as to facilitate a quick changeover from normal seed to fine seed and vice versa. The integrated outlet funnels in the seed hopper that result in minimum residual amounts are also new. They prevent bridging between the outlets and facilitate easy cleaning of the tank. The system also includes centrally-adjustable calibration flaps that make it possible to switch the machine over quickly and easily from sowing to calibration mode.

SmartCenter adjustment centre
The conventional seed drill with land wheel drive can also be comfortably operated from the SmartCenter adjustment centre. The bottom flap can be adjusted for the relevant seed type and the calibration flap moves the seed into the calibration tray instead of down to the RoTeC coulters. The universal operating tool is used for calibration. The tool is placed directly onto the Vario-gearbox on the SmartCenter and thus calibrates the Cataya Special in mechanical mode. A sticker on the SmartCenter aids calibration. The driver can read information concerning the simulated area and the sprocket transmission ratio. In addition, gearbox settings for specific seed rates are suggested here. The complete setting and calibration of the mechanical drive is also performed on the left-hand side of the machine. The standard calibration bucket as well as the scales are stowed under the container lid.

Active soil tillage
The Cataya 3000 Special is based around the new generation of active soil tillage equipment, the KE 01, KX 01 and KG 01. All Cataya models can be uncoupled from the rotary harrow or the rotary cultivator quickly and without the need for tools, using the QuickLink quick release system.