Cirrus 03-CC with MultiBoom control

GPS-Switch (Section Control) in combination with Single-Shoot or Double-Shoot
The application of seed and fertiliser to the seed row can be achieved using the Cirrus-C model which utilises the Single-Shoot method. The grain and the fertiliser are fed to the sowing coulter separately by two metering units and one transfer pipe. There is only one delivery point for both seed types. On the headland, this MultiBin application switches the two metering units on and off simultaneously using GPS-Switch.

For the Cirrus-CC, the seed and the fertiliser are metered by two different metering units and applied at two different delivery points using the DoubleShoot method. The GPS-Switch on the Cirrus-CC needs to switch the two metering units at different times, since the FerTeC coulter is running in front of the roller and the sowing coulter is running behind. This ensures that the fertiliser and the seed are both switched on and off at the optimum point in the headland. This time-shifted control of several metering units can be achieved using the new MultiBoom control.

The driver can use the terminal to decide whether the Cirrus-CC with 2-chamber hopper should operate in MultiBin or in MultiBoom mode. The accurate switching times can be defined by the driver and entered on the terminal. If the Cirrus-CC is also equipped with a GreenDrill and has three electrical metering units, all units can be controlled accordingly by the software.