FTender 1600 and 2200 front tanks

The FTender has a wide range of uses – as part of a modular kit:
1.  It can be used in the traditional manner, as a seed hopper for the Avant seed drill combination
2.  The FTender can be used as an additional seed hopper in combination with the pneumatic Centaya seed drill combination to reduce filling times and increase output. Alternatively, the FTender can be used as a fertiliser hopper in combination with the Centaya, so that an additional input of fertiliser can be applied to seed coulter using the SingleShoot method. In these combination options, the FTender may either have its own, complete ISOBUS electronic system (ISOBUS independent) or be integrated into the electronic system of the seed drill (ISOBUS integrated).
3.  The FTender can, alternatively, also be used in combination with the new Precea precision air seeder as a fertiliser hopper.
4.  The FTender can also be combined with the Catros, Cenius, Certos and Ceus cultivators and is then used for the distribution of catch crops or fertiliser.
5.  The FTender can also be combined with a non-AMAZONE machine and so be used as a tank with a metering function for seed or fertiliser.

Electric metering with the FTender
The metering of seed or fertiliser is carried out by the electrically-driven metering unit underneath the seed hopper. Since the metering system is located far forwards under the tank, it is easy to reach and enables a fast and convenient exchange of the metering rollers. Different metering rollers are available for the various seeds and fertilisers. The electric drive facilitates calibration at the push of a button and, as a result, pre-metering in field corners. It also allows for simple adjustment of the seed or fertiliser application rate via the terminal in the tractor cab. Alternatively, the metering can be controlled fully automatically by application maps.

Determination of the speed can either be carried out using a radar sensor on the front tank, the speed signal from the tractor, or a GPS speed signal.

There is a separate quick emptying device for emptying the remaining hopper contents, through which any residual seed or fertiliser can be emptied from the front tank. It is also possible to set the electric metering to emptying, so that the feeder rotates faster and the seed is moved out of the front tank by the metering rollers.

The FTender front tank can be easily calibrated. The standard aids, such as the calibration scales and the calibration bag are safely stored on the front tank. The calibration process can be carried out easily on the machine using a calibration button, a TwinTerminal or the mySeeder App.

The FTender can be very easily uncoupled from the rear machine. A quick-release connector is available for the hose packages and the ISOBUS cable also has a connection socket.

FTender optionally with T-Pack F front tyre packer
The FTender 1600 and 2200 is offered by AMAZONE with or without a T-Pack F front tyre packer. The front tank without tyre packer is used purely as a fertiliser hopper for soil tillage or for maize sowing. The front tank with optional T-Pack F front tyre packer is normally used for sowing as part of the Avant seed drill combination or with the Centaya seed drill combination. The self-steering T-Pack F tyre packer runs between the tractor tyres and ensures good reconsolidation between the tractor wheel marks. The tyre packer is also used to relieve the load on the front axle of the tractor. The front tank and the tyre packer can be equipped with additional weights.

When driving on roads, the T-Pack F tyre packer can be moved to the transport position, where the tyres are locked in an elevated position. This makes it possible to lower the front tank down further into the transport position. This special characteristic gains the machine an additional 25 cm field of view when driving on the road. The transport position of the tyre packer and the more modern design of the FTender with sloping front-line provide an enormous improvement for the driver’s field of vision.

The intelligent coupling system between the tyre packer and the hopper facilitates simple decoupling and the use of the front tyre packer even during solo operation. The front tank is equipped with support legs and can therefore be parked safely. AMAZONE offers parking rollers as optional equipment to allow for safe manoeuvring of the machine after decoupling.