UX 11201 Super tandem axle sprayer

The large tank: stylish and functional
The spray agent tank has a low centre of gravity and compact dimensions. Its optimum geometry means that only a very small residual volume of below 20 l remains in the tank. The smooth inside walls of the tank facilitate fast and easy cleaning. The two fresh water tanks, with a nominal total volume of 900 l, are mounted between the mudguards at an equal distance from the centre of gravity.

Top-quality chassis – with a strong performance in the field and on the road
The hydro-pneumatic suspended chassis, in combination with the sprung drawbar, provide perfect driver comfort. The BPW axle assemblies, with standard fill level regulation, continuously adapt to the load conditions. The sprung drawbar has a high support load of 3 t and, in combination with the ball coupling (K80), facilitates strong traction for the tractor and smooth running of the machine. The machine has high rolling stability since the suspension cylinders are connected crosswise.

Traction control
The UX 11201 Super excels in difficult hilly terrain: traction control of the hydro-pneumatic axle suspension facilitates a temporary increase of the support load on the drawbar from 3 to 4 t when the machine is full. If the machine is partially full, the support load is increased by up to 30 %.

SingleTrail passive steering
The chassis of the UX 11201 Super has passive rear axle steering as standard for good handling and reduced track damage. The SingleTrail passive steering has a rigid front axle and a steered, passively trailing second axle, which results in good handling without skidding the wheels.

DoubleTrail – fully automatic axle pivot steering
As an option, the UX 11201 Super can be equipped with an electronically-controlled DoubleTrail axle steering system. This electronic positive steering of both axles is particularly important for row crops, such as potatoes, beet and small field sizes, in order to avoid track damage.

The first axle runs consistently in the tracks of the tractor rear wheels and the second axle follows the tracks of the tractor front wheels. A high level of directional stability with respect to the tractor is achieved and, more importantly, the sprayer boom is not negatively affected by the steering movements. During road transport, the first axle is locked and the second axle is actively steered by the system.

Operation – very simple and central, using the SmartCenter
Nice and handy, all operating elements are centrally located in front and protected by a covering hood. The hood prevents dirt build-up on the operating taps and provides very good accessibility as well as fast and effective maintenance. LED lighting perfectly illuminates the workplace.

The UX 11201 Super is equipped with a 7-way pressure tap developed by AMAZONE, which offers completely new ways of operating the machine. During a function change on the pressure side, all valves are closed by swivelling out the pressure tap. The deactivated pressure tap can now be turned to a new position without opening any liquid lines. Only once the specific function has been selected, and the tap has been moved to the appropriate position, will swivelling in the pressure tap open the respective valve for the appropriate circuit to be connected.

Convenient remote control of the spray liquid circuit thanks to the Comfort-Pack
The standard Comfort-Pack on the new UX 11201 Super is equipped with the TwinTerminal 3.0 down at the operator station and so makes operation of the machine even more convenient. It includes automatic fill stop for suction hose filling. The fill stop is also available as an option for pressure filling from a bowser.

During application, the agitation control regulates the intensity of agitation depending on the tank fill level. The agitation intensity is automatically reduced as the fill level drops until it comes to a complete stop in order to prevent foaming at lower fill levels. In addition, the automatic agitation control provides auto-dynamic agitator control. This means that: the auxiliary agitator is closed when a higher application rate is required at the boom.

After application, the Comfort-Pack facilitates fully automatic cleaning, which can be carried out completely remotely from the tractor cab. Further functions such as flushing of the boom, recirculation cleaning to remove significant deposits or defined dilution during subsequent tank mixing in the field are also included in the Comfort-Pack.

The induction bowl – high-capacity and efficient
The induction bowl is located directly in front of the control panel and holds 60 l. The conical form of the bowl with central outlet and an enormous suction rate of up to 200 l/min ensures fast and flawless filling and complete emptying. An additional mixing nozzle is located below the extraction opening. It reliably prevents clogging of the extraction opening, so that agents in powder or granulated form can also be effectively inducted. The capacity of this mixing nozzle can be continuously adjusted and be operated in parallel with the new high-output rinse ring that also allows for continuous adjustment of the spray rate.

The canister rinse nozzle has a large support area, on which the nozzle can be activated by pressing canisters or measuring jugs in position. The top area of the canister rinse nozzle also has a small support area via which the nozzle can be activated to clean the canister neck. The dust-tight and liquid-tight lid on the induction bowl swivels sideways through 180° when opening and, in this position, with its brackets, it serves as a handy storage for measuring jugs and canisters. The integrated drainage device means that any residual liquid flows directly back into the induction bowl.

High-capacity pumps
The multi-cylinder version of the piston diaphragm pumps ensures high injector outputs via the 4” suction connection (900 l/min) to ensure uniform flow and smooth operation of the pumps. The two pumps, having a total output of 700 l/min, are particularly reliable during operation, resistant to dry-running and resistant to liquid fertiliser. A further practical advantage is the maintenance-friendly and easily accessible position on the drawbar.

Intelligent, hydraulic pump drive
The UX 11201 pump can be optionally powered by either a PTO shaft or by the hydraulic pump drive. The hydraulic pump drive, the boom hydraulics and the DoubleTrail axle steering system only use the Load Sensing System of the tractor, and all functions can be very conveniently operated from the ISOBUS terminal. The special feature of the hydraulic pump drive is the automatic adjustment of the pump speed to suit the application situation. During field use, for example, the pump only runs at a gentle 480 1/min, which is sufficient for adequate agitation and normal application rates. During transport, the pump speed is automatically reduced to 400 1/min, since only the agitators need to be supplied. During suction from the suction hose, the full output of 540 1/min is required. All values are preselected initially by the operator on the terminal, and can be changed at any time.

HighFlow – in new high-performance dimension
The UX 11201 Super pumps can be operated in parallel to double the maximum application rate. This HighFlow option opens up new performance capabilities. Large amounts of liquid fertiliser can thus be applied at higher speeds. In vegetable farming, application rates of up to 2,000 l/ha at speeds of 5 to 6 km/h are possible. These large amounts can be realised by using AmaSwitch or AmaSelect.

New boom and boom guidance
The UX 11201 Super can be used in conjunction with the Super-L2 boom, from 24 m to 40 m, and the new Super-L3 boom, in 36 m. One boom control option is the electro-hydraulic Profi-Fold 1 in combination with the DistanceControl or DistanceControl plus automated height control. Where wider boom widths, complex land contours or high driving speeds are required, the UX 11201 Super can also be equipped with the ContourControl active boom guidance and SwingStop active vibration damping.

From part-width section control to individual nozzle shut-off
A wide range of part-width sections and nozzle control options is available for the UX 11201 Super. In its simplest version, the machine can be equipped with traditional part-width section valves offering up to 13 part-width sections. This can be complemented by the tried and tested DUS pressure re-circulation system. At the next level of specification, the UX 11201 Super can be equipped with the AmaSwitch individual nozzle switching and its associated 50 cm part-width section. The highest level of sophistication is provided by AmaSelect individual nozzle control.