Screen enhancement AmaTron Twin

For those drivers who still want to see both applications on two screens, AMAZONE now offers a screen enhancement for the AmaTron 4.

Whilst machine operation remains on the AmaTron 4, user entries for the GPS functions can be made in parallel using the new screen enhancement, AmaTron Twin. The AmaTron Twin screen enhancement is an App that runs on all tablets running an iOS or Android operating system. For use, a tablet is simply connected to the AmaTron 4 operator terminal via a local Wi-Fi hot spot. This connection permits functions such as creating fields and recording areas or tracks to be performed on the tablet. The processing of application maps and the use of part-width section control are also displayed on the mobile device. The machine in operation is clearly displayed on the tablet. The 8" display on the AmaTron 4 can then be entirely used for machine operation and verification of any machine data. Thanks to the screen enhancement AmaTron Twin, the driver always has an eye on all applications on his terminal.