Large discs with a large clearance for handling a lot of organic matter
The Certos is ideal for use in intensively mixing soil tillage down to medium-deep soil cultivation. The 660 mm discs allow a range of working depths from 7 cm down to a maximum of 20 cm. It is not only the extremely large diameter discs that make the machine a specialist when it comes to incorporating high quantities of organic material – but it is also the large distance between the two rows of discs, the wider disc spacing of 17.5 cm and the suspension of each disc individually that also ensures maximum passage. As a result, Certos is in its element when a lot of organic matter has to be shredded and evenly mixed into the soil. In addition to stubble cultivation, the Certos is therefore also the ideal machine for grassland renovation, re-cultivation of fallow land or the handling of maize stubble. In addition, the machine can be used an alternative to a tined cultivator for a secondary medium-deep working pass down to 20 cm.

The large discs of the Certos, just like those of the Catros, are deliberately not arranged in an X shape on the disc carrier. For the front row of discs, the discs are aligned to the left, and to the right on the rear. This ensures the optimal passage of large amounts of organic matter and a uniform working profile across the entire working width. If the machine is inclined to pull sideways under certain conditions, e.g., due to this disc arrangement or in hilly terrain, this row of discs may be controlled from the tractor cab by use of a hydraulic upper tie bar on the machine that can be used easily to adjust the angle of the Certos from the driver’s seat in the tractor cab.

Working depth adjustment
The working depth can be set mechanically using spacers, which are positioned in between the roller and the main frame at the back of the machine. At the front, the machine is optimised for depth via the guide wheels. The position of these wheels can be changed by turnbuckles. The adjustment points can be reached quickly and without climbing on to the machine. In addition, the turnbuckles are provided with a scale for orientation, which makes the adjustment procedure much easier. To adjust the working depth during operation, the machine can be optionally equipped with a hydraulic depth adjustment via a tractor spool valve. The adjustment is then connected to a scale that can be read from the cab.

Maximum area output and minimal maintenance effort
To reduce maintenance to a minimum, the Certos also has maintenance free, oil-immersed bearings with face seal. The type of bearing matches to those used in the Catros, which have been proven millions of times over. The Certos bearings, however, are dimensioned more robustly with a larger diameter to meet the needs. In addition, the bearing sits protected in the shadow of the disc.

The bearings of the following roller are also completely maintenance-free.

Large roller range available for Certos
For reconsolidation, customers can choose the ideal solution individually for their own operation from the complete AMAZONE range with 11 different roller types available. The rollers are connected to the Certos by means of clamps with the proven quick-change system, which means that the roller can be replaced quickly for matching to various soil types.

Optional equipment as required
As an option, the Crushboard is available in front of the roller. It can be mechanically adjusted using spindles or using the optional hydraulic system, including easy-to-read scales. Various harrow systems are available for behind the roller. Other optional extras include the new universally-mounted AMAZONE GreenDrill 501 catch crop seeder box and the choice of LED road traffic lighting.