Further reduction of resources

such as plant protection agents and fertilisers

From an agricultural point of view, there is no clear boundary between eco agriculture and conventional agriculture. The lines are blurred. Agriculture will start to focus more heavily on “integrated crop production” again: Taking into account biological, biotechnological, cultivation and cultural measures, the use of chemical plant protection agents and fertilisers should be limited to the amount necessary.

We see the future of plant protection as a combination of many different measures. Starting from modernised planting and sowing processes, variety selection, more varied crop rotations and the growing of catch crops and nurse crops, all the way through to new technologies in precision agriculture.

Mechanical crop protection technology is growing in importance in Europe, thanks to extremely precise camera, GPS and control technology, and the resulting increased efficiency: This combination of hoeing and band spraying facilitates a clean crop with a pesticide saving of 40 to 60 %. With Schmotzer hoeing technology, the AMAZONE Group is able to offer this leading technology with many different tool options for various crops and applications.

In the field of chemical crop protection technology, AMAZONE has developed a series of innovations to reduce the consumption of pesticides. For example, the AmaSelect spot nozzle switching system enables part-area, site specific, weeding based on high-precision drone imaging. Thanks to the SmartSprayer joint project, it is now possible to identify weeds automatically in real time with cameras (Bosch), to select an application based on damage thresholds and expert knowledge using software (xarvioTM), and to perform a part-area application using the latest spot application technology (AMAZONE), right down to the individual plant. Since the herbicide is only sprayed where it is needed, according to the damage threshold principle, a potential saving of 20 to 60 % is possible.

The new precision air seeder Precea not only sets new benchmarks in user-friendliness, accuracy and speed in the precision seeding of various crops, but is also able, with the FertiSpot system, to place fertiliser exactly with the seed and thus save fertiliser.

  1. Lgical digitalisation for more precision, user-friendliness and transparenc
  2. Further reduction of resources such as plant protection agents and fertiliser
  3. More flexible machine and methodology concepts specific to different farm sizes and climate zones