Logical digitalisation

for more precision, user-friendliness and transparency

AMAZONE 4.0 is our keyword for the rapidly increasing digitalisation and networking of all operational methodology in agriculture. It encompasses our current and future contribution in the fields of software, electronics and sensor systems. Part-area, site-specific, part-width section control and individual nozzle switching and the use of application maps are already state of the art, and have contributed to a considerable reduction in fertiliser and pesticide usage in recent years. In this area, AMAZONE already offers a solution with the UX-AmaSpot crop protection sprayer, which can recognise and handle individual plants in a targeted fashion, thanks to sensor technology and special nozzle technology. Over several years in practical use, this has enabled savings of up to 80 %. New developments for the recognition of individual plants and expanded spot applications, including field robotics, will be presented at Agritechnica.

Planning and documentation systems record and process large amounts of machine data and work data for increased transparency. Starting from Agritechnica 2019, the Agrirouter data hub will be easy and free for all farmers and contractors to use, thanks to our myAmarouter App. While doing so, farmers always retain full control of their data. Of course, we are also open to all other platforms and work together with other manufacturers.

To acquire further information about the condition of the soil during soil tillage, we will be offering the Cenius-ZoneFinder in collaboration with exatrek at Agritechnica. Using the information acquired about the soil, the instensity of cultivation can be adjusted according to the soil structure during the next pass – deep as necessary and as shallow as possible.

Pesticides have different effects in changing weather conditions. That’s why it’s important to know the exact temperature and humidity – the AmaSense weather sensor can be used to record the temperature and humidity on location. The integration of the sensor as a feature in the Nevonex system provides the option of sharing the data with consultants and expert systems, such as the xarvioTM FIELD MANAGER. This enables the further optimisation of plant protection measures and pesticide usage.

We will also be presenting our simplified machine controls, via our new App concept. Our new AgApp (Agricultural Apps) concept creates tangible added value for our customers. Thanks to tools like the mySpreader App, it is now possible to spread fertiliser, including blended fertilisers, to the crop even more precisely.

With SmartService 4.0, AMAZONE is continuing to expand its learning and training processes in technical customer service, and supporting its sales partners and customers with repair and maintenance work via virtual and augmented reality technology.

  1. Logical digitalisation for more precision, user-friendliness and transparency
  2. Further reduction of resources such as plant protection agents and fertiliser
  3. More flexible machine and methodology concepts specific to different farm sizes and climate zones