New pneumatic AD-P 01 Special harrow-mounted seed drill

The efficient blower fan and the electric metering drive of the seed drill provide flexible seed rates. The coulter pressure can be set either mechanically with the aid of the universal operating tool or hydraulically from the tractor cab. Control of the machine is carried out either via AMADRILL+ or an ISOBUS terminal.

Segmented distributor head
AMAZONE now also supplies this harrow-mounted seed drill with a segmented distributor head. Depending on the row spacing, the new head offers the possibility to control 2 x 5 or 2 x 6 tramline segments. Tramline control is carried out directly at the segmented distributor head and can be matched very flexibly and easily to the track width and tyre width. When creating tramlines, the seed rate is reduced via the electric metering depending on the number of closed rows.

As a special option, electric half-side shut-off for the segmented distributor head is available which, when creating asymmetrical tramlines, enables the start at the field’s edge with half a machine width. In addition, via GPS-Switch, an automated half-side shut-off on diagonal headlands or in wedge-shaped fields is possible.

Soil tillage with so much more comfort
The new generation of KE 01, KX 01 and KG 01 PTO-driven soil tillage implements now also provide a new coupling system to carry the pneumatic AD-P 01 Special. The most important advantages of the new soil tillage implements include above all, in addition to the comfortable machine setting with the universal tool, the parallel guidance of the drill on top of the roller. Furthermore the levelling board is fixed to the following roller. For reconsolidation of the soil a wide range of different packer rollers is available.