New Citan trailed solo seed drill with even more capacity and comfort

When equipped with on-board hydraulics, the setting of the blower fan speed and the folding in and out of the machine are carried out noticeably easier as the important functions are now even more accessible.

With the on-board hydraulics, which can also be retrofitted, the machine is also ideally suited for operation behind tractors with limited hydraulic capacity.

As an option, the Citan can be filled with the aid of a filling auger supplied by the company TAM which is integrated into the machine. The auger can be set hydraulically to its working position and features so much output that it can fill the 8,000 l tank to capacity in less than 15 minutes.

The high-capacity lighting package includes, in addition to the work lights, internal tank lighting for safe filling after dark. The calibration weigh scales and the soap dispenser which are positioned at the side of the outlet of the hand wash tank provide additional comfort.

The RoTeC pro single disc coulter system is new for Citan
With immediate effect AMAZONE is now equipping the Citan with the RoTeC pro single disc coulter system. In this way AMAZONE strengthens its Citan trailed solo seed drill with regard to precision and accuracy. The 400 mm diameter seed coulters can, from choice, be used in conjunction with either the 10 mm wide Control 10 depth guidance discs or the Control 25 depth guidance roller with a contact area of 25 mm. Floating, suspended furrow formers ensure an extremely well cleared seed furrow and thus a very good contact to the capillary ground water. The seed is guided straight into the furrow former and so creates an even more precise seed placement. A strong tensioning spring means that a coulter pressure up to 65 kg max is possible and, in combination with the optionally available narrower furrow former, the coulters can penetrate more easily into the soil; even under dry and hard conditions.

Optionally the Citan 12001-C can be supplied with a row spacing of 12.5 cm or 16.6 cm, whereas on the Citan 15001-C, the RoTeC pro coulters are only available with a spacing of 16.6 cm.