Cirrus from 3 to 6 m with TwinTeC+ double disc coulters

The TwinTeC+ double disc coulter

TwinTeC+ double disc coulters are ideally suited to sowing on heavy, hard and also frequently changing soil conditions. The robust basic design of these coulters with a forged coulter clamp and carrier body applies up to 100 kg coulter pressure consistently and permanently down onto the soil. The 380 mm double discs are driven round together and with very little angle between the two discs. In this way the passage of straw and soil is safely ensured. A forged guard plate protects the coulter from blockages. This is extended well down towards the soil surface and is positioned close to the front of the coulters, thus preventing the trapping of straw and stones between the discs.

By loosening just one bolt the seed pipe can be removed from the coulter. It also carries an inner scraper, a front extended seed guide and a seed closer. The inner scraper can be, as an option, ordered in hard metal execution. These components ensure an accurate and consistent depth of placement along the furrow.

The following Control+ depth guidance roller for the TwinTeC+ coulters is available, from choice in 50 mm, 65 mm or 75 mm widths. So, these coulters are very well suited to operating on extremely cohesive, hard or very loose soils with little carrying ability. Optionally the coulters can also be equipped with a coulter harrow. This provides more fine soil above the furrow, it roughens the soil surface and alleivates possible wheel track marks. So, in this way, capping and water erosion can be reduced. The working intensity of each coulter harrow can be adjusted in three steps. 

Setting the sowing depth

The sowing depth is comfortably and precisely carried out with the aid of centralised hand cranks without the driver having to climb up onto the machine. The depth setting can be read off a scale and so can be easily reproduced during the next season.

The coulter pressure is created via hydraulic rams which are incorporated into the oil circuit of the blower fan. So, the pressure is always maintained even in heavily changing soil contours. If the coulters drop, oil is supplied. If the coulters are held up by the soil then oil is returned into the circuit. This is of special advantage during shallow sowing operations in very hilly terrain.

By adding remote control of the coulter pressure, the coulter pressure can be comfortably adjusted via the ISOBUS machine controller in 10 steps. So, the driver can respond even better to changeable soil conditions on the move.