Cataya Special seed drill

The seed hopper
In its basic version, the seed hopper of the Cataya 3000 Special features a volume of 650 l. With the aid of a 200 l extension it can be increased to a total capacity of 850 l. Thanks to the big 2.55 x 0.54 m hopper opening, the Cataya Special can be comfortably filled from big bags, front end loaders or sacks. When the machine is filled via a front end loader the wide-opening hopper lids acts as a filling aid to prevent spills. A fill level sensor is fitted inside the hopper which can be steplessly set in its height and thus can be matched to differing seeds.

Comfortable Precis metering system
The new Precis metering system provides high operational comfort and short set-up times and includes two shutter slides which enable the quick and tool-less conversion from normal to fine seed and vice versa. Also new are the integrated outlet chutes which, thanks to their specific shape, make for minimised residues inside the hopper, an easy seed change and a quick clean out of the machine. Thanks to these outlet chutes, the metering wheels are always kept filled even in sloping terrain. A further peculiarity is the centrally-adjustable calibration flap system with which the Cataya Special can be quickly and simply converted from sowing to calibration and back again.

Electric metering system
The ElectricDrive metering system allows the very precise, stepless metering of a diverse range of seeds. The seed rates can be comfortably adjusted from the driver’s seat or varied site-specifically according to application maps or the experience of the driver. Pre-metering in the field corners, or after a stop mid-bout, is also possible with the aid of ElectricDrive. Calibration and residue emptying can be comfortably carried out via the terminal and the calibration button.

The speed signal for metering is provided via a radar sensor which registers the forward speed exactly and without slip and transfers it to the electric metering drive. On ISOBUS tractors, the speed sensor of the tractor can also be used as a signal source.

The electric tramline control is delivered in its basic version for switching of 2 x 3 tramline rows or as an option with 2 x 5 rows. In addition, the Cataya Special features as standard mechanical half-side shut off of the seed shaft and also for the tramline lay shaft.

SmartCenter: the centralised setting centre for higher comfort
The calibration of the machine is carried out via the new SmartCenter which is found to the left hand side of the machine. Here there is a table which outlines all the various setting possibilities required. Directly above is a lever with which the bottom flap is centrally adjusted according to the different seed sizes and, via the second lever, the calibration flap of the metering can be set to either calibration or sowing. Here, a flap in the metering device is re-directed and so the seed is guided either to the coulters or into the calibration trays.

The calibration itself requires – thanks to the electric drive – only the push of the calibration button on the SmartCenter or at the TwinTerminal. The two calibration trays which collect the seed can be centrally pulled out of the machine to the left hand side below the SmartCenter so that the driver hasn’t got to walk around the machine during the calibration process. The calibration equipment of the Cataya Special also includes a robust, foldable bucket and weighing scales with illuminated digital display. When not being used, both can be stored neatly in special brackets underneath the hopper lid so that they are ready to hand directly on the machine at any time.

The TwinTerminal 3.0 is an option which further eases the pre-metering, the calibration and the residue emptying. It is also positioned on the SmartCenter so that the driver can carry out the actuation and data input for the calibration directly down at the machine thus eliminating the need to climb up and down into and from the tractor cab several times.

For the ISOBUS control of the seed drill combination, from choice, the AMATRON 3, CCI 100 or AMAPAD ISOBUS terminals from AMAZONE can be used or any ISOBUS terminal from another manufacturer.

Coulter and harrow systems with many possibilities
AMAZONE supplies the Cataya Special with RoTeC Control coulters and row spacings, from choice, of 12.5 cm or 15 cm. The sowing depth can be set in three different positions directly on the coulter. For an even, precise seed placement, the coulters can be equipped with either the Control 10 depth guidance disc or Control 25 depth guidance roller which are mounted beside the coulter disc. The coulter pressure with a maximum force of 35 kg per coulter can be steplessly adjusted from the left hand side of the machine.

For pre-working fields prior to drilling or improved operation in corners, the Cataya can be equipped, from choice, with a hydraulic top link providing both coulter and harrow lift.

Universal setting tool
A further innovation is the universal setting tool for the Cataya Special. With this ergonomically-shaped tool, for instance, the coulter pressure, the pre-emergence markers and the Exact following harrow on the seed drill as well as the levelling board and side guide plates on the soil tillage implement can be adjusted. This saves the driver the inconvenience of having to carry multiple tools.

New KE 3001Special rotary harrow for PTO-driven soil tillage
From choice, the Cataya 3000 can be combined with a KE rotary harrow or a KX/KG rotary cultivator of the new 01 series. Within this model range AMAZONE now offers as an additional new model, the KE 3001 Special rotary harrow. This somewhat lighter rotary harrow has been designed for operation behind tractors with engine capacities of up to 140 HP whereas the heavier KE Super rotary harrow is suitable for tractors up to 180 HP.

Whereas the two rotary harrows operate with trailing tines for the creation of an even seedbed, the tines on the KX 3001 and KG 3001 Special or Super rotary cultivators can be specified either as ‘on-grip’ or trailing. All models within the new generation are characterised by a comfortable and precise adjustment of the tine depth. Also, with the aid of the universal tool, the side guide plates can be adjusted in depth via a slotted hole and the height of the levelling board can be set independently of the working depth of the tines as the board is guided via the following roller. On request, the KG and KX rotary cultivators can also be equipped with the more comfortable hydraulic depth adjustment. In this way, the working depth can be re-adjusted on the move and so can be matched to differing soil conditions.

The optionally available tractor wheel track eradicators can be equipped, depending on the soil type, with narrow, diamond or duck foot shares. Here the adjustment of the working depth is done comfortably and easily via the well-known eccentric blocks.

Expanded roller programme
For seedbed reconsolidation, the new rotary harrows and cultivators of the 01 model range can also be combined with a variety of different following rollers. For this purpose, AMAZONE offers the PW 500 and PW 600 tooth packer rollers, the KW 520 and KW 580 wedge ring rollers, the new KWM 600 wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile or also the TRW 500 and TRW 600 trapezium ring rollers. With this vast choice the right roller is available for all soil types and for use in all conditions.