New to the range: Hektor semi-mounted reversible ploughs

Equipped with a stepped manual furrow width adjustment from 36 to 48 cm per body and large beam dimensions of 150 x 150 x 12 mm thick, the Hektor range stands for simplicity in operation and a high degree of robustness for large scale farms. Thanks to the clear and simple plough adjustment, an optimum ploughing performance can be achieved under any conditions. The interbody clearance of 100 cm and a beam height of 82 cm ensure blockage-free operation; even where high levels of crop residues prevail.

The new pivot system – which connects the headstock to the plough beam – guarantees a maximum true track following and an optimum pull-line of the combination. Here, integrated as standard, is the hydraulic front furrow adjustment for the easy matching of the plough to the internal track width of the tractor wheels. Turnover cylinders, with hydraulic stop position damping, guarantee a smooth and homogeneous turning procedure for the plough.

The large-dimensioned trailing wheel of 500/45 – 22.5 (width 500 mm, outer diameter 1015 mm) means an easy pull as well as accurate depth guidance even under arduous conditions. The large wheel contact surface minimises the soil pressure. A scraper ensures that the wheel is kept clean.

The transport wheel is positioned well up the frame so that ploughing close to field borders or obstacles is possible. In addition, it is equipped with hydro-pneumatic dampening that protects the plough and increases the safety and driving comfort during transport.

For the Hektor range, overload protection is carried out via shear bolt. Very high release forces ensure an enormous resistance of the shear bolt even in hard and dry soils.

As always, the focal point of any plough is the plough body which is responsible for both the quality of work and an economical ploughing operation. With this in mind, the new semi-mounted Hektor ploughs can be equipped with the complete range of ©plus bodies thus covering a vast range of differing soil and operational conditions. All the plough bodies are characterised by a high wear resistance, clean incorporation of crop residues, wide furrow clearing and a low pulling power requirement.