New slatted mouldboard and point for the Cayron mounted plough

The large body width and the specific shape of the bottom of the board mean that the soil ridge is pushed far across to the side and thus provides an especially wide furrow bottom clearance. This creates plenty of space for wide tyres and, of course, also for the incorporation of organic matter.

As is already known from the other C-Blade plough bodies (U 40, W 35, S 35), the new STU 40 slatted mouldboard is also equipped with this larger shin which completely covers the main wearing area of the body. This brings down operating costs because only the shin on the mouldboard needs to be exchanged.

New point for the Cayron plough body
For the complete range of Cayron plough bodies, AMAZONE now introduces a newly designed point. The new point is a forged part where the material profile has been optimised and thus the service life and the penetration behaviour have been improved. The new tip is available both in a normal or hard-faced, long-life version.

As a further special feature, the mouldboard of the plough body is designed in such a way so that the point overlaps the mouldboard. Because of this design, the joint is protected by the point meaning that foreign objects, such as, for instance, baling string, wire or root residues are not trapped in the joint.