Ceus disc harrow cultivator combination

Several working processes in one pass
With the new trailed disc harrow cultivator combination, several operational processes can be combined into one pass. So, the front disc segment, with its serrated 510 mm discs, allows shallow operation at working depths of 5 to 14 cm. This is then followed by the tine segment, with its C-Mix Super tines, which can loosen down to a maximum depth of 30 cm. At the same time, during operation, the penetration force of the tine segment increases the cutting effect of the front discs.

The front disc segment
The front discs distribute the organic matter by intensively cutting and mixing the crop residues on the soil surface. At the same time, a finely crumbled structure occurs within that top soil layer. This results in both optimum preconditions for straw decomposition as well as producing very good germination and growing conditions. The discs are individually suspended and protected from damage via sprung rubber mountings that also ensure good ground contour adaptation. The maintenance-free, oil-immersed bearings on the discs are identical with those found on the Catros compact disc harrows and have been proven many tens of thousand times over. The disc stagger of 12.5 cm and the steep 17° angle of attack on the front row of discs and 14° at the rear row ensure an overall tilling effect and a perfect mixing-in of organic matter.

Adjustment of the depth of the disc segment is carried out via parallelogram guidance, whereby the penetration intensity can be changed by twisting the disc segment. Also, even at the maximum working depth of the tine segment, by setting the disc segment in the upper most position they can be raised out of work completely. So, deep loosening is also possible without utilising the disc segment, reducing the pulling power and saving fuel.

Tine segment for deep loosening
The following tine segment makes possible loosening of the deeper soil layers down to 30 cm. However, also a shallow operation is possible so that, under moist, heavy conditions, the share tips run just beneath the working depth of the disc harrow. In this way, the soil horizon is loosened and a rougher structure in the soil is created noticeably reducing the danger of capping on these types of soil.

For use on the tine segment, the entire AMAZONE C-Mix share system is available. With a tine spacing of around 40 cm and when fitted with the option of the 40 mm HD shares, the Ceus proves to be especially easy to tow even when deep loosening. For stone protection, the proven C-Mix tine system from the AMAZONE Cenius mulch cultivator with its 600 kg release force is utilised.

For carrying out just shallow stubble cultivation, the tine segment can be raised out of work completely and the machine operated just with the front disc segment.

Levelling unit for an even surface
The disc and tine segments are followed by a levelling system which can, from choice, be equipped with either smooth or serrated discs or with spring tine levellers. Also here, sprung rubber mountings serve as the overload protection. For the optimum matching to the next bout, either side tines or discs can be individually adjusted in both height and angle.

Comfortable adjustment of the working depth
Both the front compact disc harrow along with the tine segment and the levelling unit can be equipped with hydraulic depth adjustment. The hydraulic adjustment of the tine segment is also possible during operation even when being used without a packer roller. 

Wide roller programme
The optimum reconsolidation is an important component when carrying out well-managed soil tillage. Therefore, ten different consolidation rollers are available for the Ceus-2TX to cater for different operational and soil conditions. 

Under very moist conditions, the Ceus-2TX can also be operated without a roller. Then it is no longer guided at the rear on the roller but via the running gear. As a tine always follows behind the vehicle wheels, any track mark is loosened immediately.

From working widths of 6.0 m upwards, additional support wheels are integrated in the machine so that the machine runs smoothly and is kept at a constant depth. Again, to loosen the tracks of these wheels, a tine is also fitted behind each wheel.

Flexible tractor connection
The flange-mounted linkage allows complete flexibility of choice. So, for any tractor, a suitable linkage can be specified, no matter whether a Cat. 3, 4 or 5 lower link cross shaft, different diameter towing eyes or a K80 ball coupling is required.

Excellent manoeuvrability and high-speed transport
The central TX running gear on the Ceus-2TX makes for high manoeuvrability on the headland and comfortable road transport. For even more safety on the road, the 6.0 and 7.0 m wide machines can be optionally equipped with ­larger 700 mm tyres. Depending on national road traffic regulations, the Ceus-2TX is also permitted to be towed at speeds of up to 40 km/h for quick transport from field to field.