Cayros mounted reversible ploughs

Cayros M 2 furrow
For the Cayros M series ploughs, AMAZONE rounds off the programme at the lower end with a new 2 furrow option making the Cayros ploughs also available for smaller tractors from around 37 KW/50 HP.

Cayros XM and XMS 3 furrow
AMAZONE now offers the Cayros XM and XMS as a 3 furrow plough – from choice with either a mechanical, stepped furrow width adjustment or in a hydraulic, stepless working width adjustment. In this way the Cayros programme now also covers the 3 furrow plough market for medium to heavy soil conditions.

Cayros XS and XS pro with hydraulic stone release system
To date, the hydraulic NonStop stone release system was only available for the Cayros XS and XS pro models that were equipped with hydraulic working width adjustment. However, it is now also available for ploughs with mechanically adjustable furrow width. So, customers, who are working on stony soils but can do without a steplessly adjustable furrow width, are also catered for.

The hydraulic stone safety release features the possibility to adjust the release force of the stone protection system centrally and steplessly via a tractor spool valve. In this way the plough can be comfortably and easily matched to differing soil conditions.

New WX 400 PE plough body for extremely sticky soil conditions
With its very shallow, scrolled profile, the Cayros WX 400 plough body has been designed for medium to very heavy soils. Under extreme conditions this body is still very easy to pull and provides good cleaning properties.

Now, AMAZONE goes another step further with the new WX 400 PE body which features a plastic mouldboard. On heavily sticky soils the specific surface finish to the plastic prevents the earth from sticking on the mouldboard. So, this plastic body widens the range of application for the Cayros ploughs on very sticky soils. All other features of this plastic body are identical to those of the comparable steel body.