AMAZONE now offers the new FlowCheck system for all hydraulically-driven ZA-TS models. This is a system which constantly monitors each aperture for blockages and also if the spreading unit is running empty. The flow pressure within the hydraulically-driven spreading disc motors is measured via sensors in the hydraulic system and if this changes, due to a blockage in the aperture and thus a reduction in the application rate, the system detects this and sends an alarm to the driver via the terminal. This is monitored for both the right and left hand sides individually. Thus on either side of the machine, any big variations in application rate can be detected.

Whereas FlowCheck ensures that the application rate on either side is the same under all circumstances or, in case of deviation informs the driver, the total application rate of the spreader is monitored and regulated via the weighing system. In addition, the driver is always informed via the weigh-cells of the actual fill level in the hopper.