EasyCheck digital mobile test kit

Then the relevant tramlines are spread and the mats with the collected fertiliser grains are photographed by Smartphone. The App now compares automatically how much fertiliser has been collected on the individual collecting mat rows and calculates the results of the individual rows in a ratio. On the basis of this evaluation, the spread pattern can be simply checked. In cases where it is not ideal, the App automatically suggests a correction to the spreading disc speed or of the delivery system on the ZA-TS or to the spreading vane position on the ZA-V or ZA-M.

With the new EasyCheck digital mobile test kit, available from spring 2018, the checking of the lateral distribution of the fertiliser can be quickly and easily checked directly in the field. A special advantage is the easy transportation of the collecting mats which take up very little space and can be transported in the spreader or on the tractor. All 16 mats, and in comparison to the previous test trays, can be carried at the same time by one person and thus can be quickly positioned in the field. Within about 5 minutes all the mats can be photographed and then, due to the simple laying out and collection of the test kit and the quick cleaning of the collecting mats, a considerable time advantage results compared with the standard mobile test kit that utilises hard plastic trays.

The EasyCheck App can be downloaded from their App store free of charge and be used on a suitable Smartphone that has the relevant camera quality.