New generation: the UX 01 Super trailed sprayer

Thanks to these covers swinging well upwards, a trouble-free filling and operation of the machine is possible. The optionally available LED lighting, which is mounted underneath the covers, perfectly illuminates both operator areas as well as the induction bowl at night.

Efficient induction bowl
The new 60 l induction bowl is located directly underneath the control valves. Its conical hopper shape, the centralised aperture and the enormous suction capacity of 200 l/min guarantee a quick, absolutely trouble-free sprayer filling and its complete emptying. For inducting powders or granular spray agents, an additional mixing nozzle is positioned underneath the suction aperture which safely prevents any blockage of the suction aperture. This mixing nozzle can be steplessly adjusted for intensity and can be operated in parallel to the new, also steplessly-metered high capacity rinse ring. As a further advantage the induction bowl can, also when pressure filling from a bowser, be additionally supplied with fresh water via the optional rinse water pump.

The new canister cleaning nozzle features a considerably larger contact surface by which the nozzle can be activated when pushing down the canister or measuring jug. In the upper zone of the canister cleaning nozzle there is an additional, smaller contact area which is positioned where the nozzle can be activated, specifically for a more effective cleaning of the canister neck.

When opened, the dustproof and liquid tight lid of the induction bowl swivels to the side by 180° and in this position forms a shelf on which crop protection canisters can be stood. On the inside of the lid, a foldable holder for a measuring jug is attached making the metering of crop protection agents noticeably easier. In addition, the cover includes two run off channels for canisters where they can drain after the rinsing procedure. When the induction bowl is closed a complete internal cleaning can be carried out with the aid of the canister cleaning nozzle. The spray lance, included in the standard execution, is positioned to the right hand side of the induction bowl.

Comfort-Pack on the new UX 01 Super with the TwinTerminal 3.0 down at the operator station, makes the handling of the machine even more comfortable. This also includes, as standard, automatic fill stop for the suction fill procedure. As an option, this is also available for when pressure filling and so, in this way, the sprayer, whichever way filled, is always accurately topped up to the desired fill level.

During the spraying operation, the agitator control regulates the agitation intensity in relation to the tank fill level. When the fill level decreases, the agitator intensity is automatically reduced down to a complete shut off to prevent the formation of foam at a low fill level and to minimise residual volumes.

In addition, the automatic agitation regulation offers auto-dynamic agitator control. This means: if a larger application rate is required at the boom, the agitation capacity automatically reduces. When the nozzles are then shut off again, for instance on the headland, the complete pump capacity is available for agitation.

After the spraying operation is finished, Comfort-Pack provides fully automatic cleaning which can be controlled completely remotely from the tractor cab. Additional functions such as boom rinsing, the cleaning the spray liquid circuit from heavy deposits or a defined dilution of a subsequent tank mix in the field are also included within Comfort-Pack.

7-way pressure tap
Models fitted with Comfort-Pack are equipped with the newly-developed, 7-way pressure tap which has been designed by AMAZONE to offer completely new possibilities in machine operation. During a change of function on the pressure side, all the valves are closed by swivelling out the pressure tap. Now the deactivated pressure tap can be turned to a new position without having to open the liquid circuits. Only when the desired function has been selected and the tap put into the appropriate position does the relevant valve for the corresponding circuit open when the lever for the pressure valve is swivelled in. This intelligent actuation prevents any unwanted ingress of spray agent into the wrong liquid circuit when switching over the pressure tap. This also now means that the fresh water rinse tank can be topped up whilst the sprayer is being filled, either via the suction hose, or from the pressure fill via a water source. The 7-way pressure valve features valve seat technology known from the internal combustion engine. This is of especially low wear and is function-safe.

Comfort-Pack plus
All models with Comfort-Pack plus are equipped with a display for machine control. The actuation of the spray agent circuit is then carried exclusively out via this touchscreen display which also functions perfectly even when using gloves. The user just selects the desired function and the sprayer adjusts itself automatically! In the job computer, two individual filling profiles for different operators or applications can be stored. For filling then just the hose has to be coupled and the machine automatically fills the spray agent tank and fresh water rinse tank up to the desired tank fill level. In cases where multiple spray chemicals and agents have to be inducted the user can, as an option, select an individually settable fill pause.

The complete sprayer along with the induction bowl can be cleaned fully automatically. In addition, after every filling procedure, the induction bowl can rinse itself on its own. With the optionally available, hydraulically-driven fresh water rinse pump, the induction bowl can be supplied with fresh water from the rinse tank when pressure filling. To ensure that there always is a sufficient fill level, the fresh water rinse tank features, both when suction and pressure filling, automatic fill stop. With the aid of the additional fresh water rinse pump, continual cleaning of the UX is possible. Furthermore, the additional fresh water rinse pump can be utilised to assist in filling the main spray agent tank even quicker.

New steering axle
For the UX 01 also a new steering axle with a maximum steering angle of 28° is available. Thanks to this big steering angle and the compact design of the UX 01, it can circumnavigate very tight curves. Depending on tyre size and track width, a minimum turning radius of 4.5 m is possible.

New boom guidance
For the UX 01, Super-L2 booms from 27 to 40 m are available. For the boom control there is a choice of, on the one hand, the electro-hydraulic Profi-fold I in conjunction with the automatic DistanceControl or DistanceControl plus or, on the other hand for the UX 01, the new active ContourControl boom control along with the live SwingStop yaw prevention system can be specified. Additionally, the Super-L2 booms, when used in conjunction with ContourControl boom control, feature the new Flex-fold.