Cataya Special seed drill

Lightweight and comfortable to use conventional seed drill

Centaya Super seed drill combination

Top-class pneumatic sowing technology

New pneumatic AD-P 01 Special harrow-mounted seed drill

AMAZONE offers the new AD-P 01 Special harrow-mounted pneumatic seed drill in a 3 m working width and now, from choice, in combination with the newly developed KE 01 rotary harrow or the new KX 01 or KG 01 rotary cultivators.

Cirrus from 3 to 6 m with TwinTeC+ double disc coulters

From Agritechnica 2017, AMAZONE will offer the Cirrus 3003 Compact and the Cirrus 4003-2 and 4003-2C trailed drill combinations also with the new TwinTeC+ double disc coulter system.

New Citan trailed solo seed drill with even more capacity and comfort

At Agritechnica 2017, AMAZONE will introduce an extensively reworked, 12 m and 15 m Citan trailed solo seed drill.

New Primera DMC 3000 and 6000-2 with ISOBUS control

AMAZONE now offers the Primera DMC direct tine seeder in 3 m and 6 m working width with fully electronic metering and the latest ISOBUS control.

New rigid 6 m ED 6000 Special precision air seeder

In 2017 AMAZONE introduces a new model of the ED precision seeder and now offers, in addition to the folding machines and the rigid ED 3000 and 4500, a rigid ED 6000.